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What is blogger outreach?

Bloggers and social media mavens are the dominant tastemakers these days.


Social media marketing has evolved substantially since it first became mainstream. As social media has achieved a critical mass, a lot of what was done before — such as broadcasting the same message to your entire audience — has become less effective. Now more than ever, your social media marketing strategy should focus on building on relationships.


The fundamental idea that “social influence affects the links to your website” has never changed. Links are the currency of the web. The only thing that has changed is the landscape that surrounds this social influence.


The idea behind a blogger outreach campaign is that a company, in seeking exposure for a product or service, leverages influencers who have established a substantial following, asking them to write about it in exchange for free access to the product or service. Sometimes of course, money would need to exchange hands as well.


Why does this type of influencer marketing make sense?

For one thing, there are very few bloggers or influencers out there who will rip apart your product/service when receiving it for free. You will gain invaluable visibility (and links) as you embark on a long-term relationship with the ever growing influencer base, relevant to your target audience.


Find out more about our blogger outreach / SEO strategy and we can build the best plan to suit your business needs.



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